Comics, a thing for nerds? Not any more. Well, I’ve got news for you, all that is changed today. If you’re someone who likes science a lot, wears thick-rimmed glasses, reads comic books regularly, and thinks himself/herself as an outcast, you are actually cool. Science backs up the belief that comics actually make you smarter, imaginative, and creative. You can even lookup this fact for confirmation. 

Let’s face it! Comic books are something everyone can enjoy. It is a place where the author grabs your hands and delves into the mysterious world where everything is a possibility. Selecting a genre that works well with you has proven to have many benefits that you need to consider. 

Benefits of comic books.

There are countless benefits of reading comics that have been backed by real science. Some of these are:

Comic books make you an avid reader.

This is especially true for readers who want to improve their reading skills. It not only makes them read well but also faster. It has been seen that comic readers benefit from visuals and graphic content that adds to their faster learning abilities. Comics are naturally more engaging. This makes comprehension easier.

Comic’s help you to think uniquely.

Since readers are made to observe different visuals, varied spatial, and diverse texts, they can broaden their understanding and, as a result, think better and uniquely. They can integrate all the diverse components into one single logical understanding.

Stories make you imaginative and creative.

That’s right, tales in the comics are a great way to broaden your imagination through reading different fictional stories. They also make you more creative that allows you to grow talents.

They make you good at problem-solving.

When you can predict the outcome of the story, you can problem-solve. It is true in cases when you are getting better at predicting it. Comics help you learn how to problem-solve better and faster. 


Keep reading or get your hands on some amazing comics. You are free to call yourself a super nerd because of the sheer amount of benefits. Happy Reading!